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Professional Therapist (OT, SLT, Psychologist)

ALOKITO SHISHU (To Make the Child a Resource for the World)
No. of  Vacancies:    04

Job Description / Responsibility

Able to work Undre Pressure and work demand
Able to manage minimum 10-12 clients case load in a day and weekly 50-60 clients.
Plan OT, SLT & psychological issues and include it on weekly plan.
Responsive for childs safety in school time.
Due to proper monitor of group, keeping room well arranged with teaching environment, material development, or any other necessary purpose,
Responsive to ensure effective application of school principle and behavioral modification techniques in school and in class.
Ensure effective therapy application which is prescribed in diary and regular update by linking with other therapist.
Motivate all group teachers in school
Run the group effectively. Be attentive to use teaching methods and materials in group. Follow all teachers for appropriate management in group.
Be aware about parents’ comments in diary and share it with concern person if necessary.
Check class work khata, home work khata, weekly plan, and statement of diary and provide appropriate suggestion considering child’s level.
Check effective time management of group members and provide guideline.
Regularly inform and engage actively of all group teachers in special events, meetings, outing programs, stage performance, play class, singing class, art class, inservice program, etc.
Search the weak students and make a setting with guardians for possible solutions
Take exam for each student by following weekly plan and mark the score on plan sheet.
Run all group equally and make an evaluation for each group incharge.
Arrange training for teachers in each month and training for parents in two months.
Work as a solution maker in all critical areas.
Look for equal development for all students and take initiatives for that.
Arrange parents meeting (once in two months), in-service program (twice in each month), outing programs (once in two months), picnic (once in each year), annual sports (once in each year) and special events and share it with management board.
Make a well structure for assembly, morning group therapy, speech group therapy, art class, sports class, singing class, stage performance by sharing with therapist and management board.
Collect all teaching materials from guardians and keep it in well management and decoration.
Provide material list to the guardians in time.
Make a using materials list, Share it with concern person and buy it from market.
Marketing responsibilities- teachers and students’ collection.
Make a plan for special events with discussing psychologist and Executive Director.

Job Nature


Educational Requirements

B Sc in Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Child Psychology,
Need 1 year internship Program including special needs schools and autism management settings.

Experience Requirements

1 to 5 year(s)
The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
Curriculum/Program Development, Education Administration/Management, Education Counseling, Education Marketing, Teaching/Training, TOT (Training of Teachers)

Additional Job Requirements

Age 18 to 45 year(s)
Minimum 1 years working experience in the field of Special Needs School as a Child Occupational Therapist or Child Speech & Language Therapist or Child Physiotherapist or Child Psychologist.
At least 6 month training in this field after educational qualification.

Job Location

Dhaka, Mymensingh, Sherpur

Salary Range


Other Benefits

After confirmation as a permanent staff, Yearly Bonus, Provident Fund, and other benefit as organizational rules.
Friendly working environment, and Career building opportunities.

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