Difference Guillain barre syndrome , Myasthenia gravis and Motor neuron disease


GBS = Guillain Barre Syndrome ,MG = Myasthenia Gravis and MND = Motor Neuron Disease


                                                GBS                                        MG                                                          MND



Weakness                             Yes                                          Yes                                                                  Yes


Reflexes                                 Absent                                    Present                                    May be increased                                                                                                                                               amyotrophic lat sclerosis

Distribution                      Ascending +                           Eyes + CN’s                                    Asymmetrical



Progression                          Acute -> recovery               Relapsing                                       Progressive


Fatigue                                  No                                           Yes                                                                   No



Fasciculations                      No                                           No                                                                Yes


Increased CSF Protein       Yes                                          No                                                               No


UMN signs                            No                                           No                                    May be – amyotrophic

lateral sclerosis


Sensory features         Often dysesthesia + pain          No                                                                  No


Pain                                        Often                                       No                                                                       No


Delayed nerve                     Yes                                          No                                                                       No



Fade + post tetanic

count facilitation             No                                           Yes                                                                  No


Jitter on EMG                       No                                           No                                                               Yes


Response to

Anticholinesterase             No                                           Yes                                                              No


Response to plasma-

pheresis                               Possible                                 Yes                                                                  No